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CFO Services

Every business needs a numbers person.  That one person the management team can rely on to look at the financials and help evaluate where the business stands and understand the financial implications of decisions being made within the company.  Not all companies can afford to have a full-time person to fill that role.  That is where we come in.  For over 25 years, Accounting Solutions has helped clients navigate the financial side of their business with services that include:

  • Cashflow Management
  • Budgets and projections
  • Project costing
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Staff Utilization
  • Long Range Planning
  • Due Diligence Work for Sale of business
  • Inventory Management
  • Annual state filings
  • Coordination with CPA for tax preparation
  • Bank relationships and covenant review reporting
  • Audit Preparation
  • Marketing Effectiveness

Business Data always tells a story. And Michelle is a serious, passionate problem-solver with an uncommon ability to dig deep and bring that important data to the surface to ensure better strategic business decisions.  She is immensely process-driven and systems-oriented and that skill played a big part in transforming a small start-up to a highly profitable process-driven organization.  Her willingness to understand our business challenges and providing effective solutions from her extensive knowledge and experience makes her a perfect match for a growing company looking to gain insight and opportunity from powerful data analysis.

Through another partner’s recommendation, we were extremely lucky to get introduced to Michelle and the ASP team. She was an extension of our management team for almost ten years providing high-level, big picture guidance for finance and operations.  This enabled the company’s founder and other team members to focus on growing the business through market development, education and awareness, channel engagement and product development.

— Christine Wheeler, Newcastle Systems