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At Accounting Solutions Providers we strive to perform our very best for each and every client. We know that your accounting is key to your business’s success and we take that responsibility seriously. Don’t take our word for it, here’s a small sampling of what our clients have to say.

Michelle was hired by a client of mine and I am the end user of her work. It is always very well done and I appreciate her accuracy and professionalism.

— Ruth Collins, CPA

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Michelle several times to help mutual clients. I am always impressed with her attention to detail and her driving desire to do what is best for her clients. Frankly, it is inspiring to see this kind of commitment and character.

— Daniel Spacek, Top Instigator at CardConnct Edge

Michelle has great skills to help analyze the business and present the information in such a way that it helps you make those critical strategic decisions. Her ability to help you review the data and think about the possible implications is a great skill set you don’t always see.

— Derek Coppinger, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member at Raptor Scientific

I recommend Michelle wholeheartedly. I worked with Michelle for 12 years both directly and indirectly. Beyond the highly developed technical skills she possessed which allow for budgeting, forecasts and tax work; she has what every team wants in a member: leadership, strong intellectual curiosity, combined with an incredible desire to get things right, understand them and provide accurate reporting, budgets , forecasts. Key skills for startups as well as well established companies.

— Fred E. Gatti, CFP®, MBA Senior Vice President, Private Banking at HSBC

I have been working with Michelle and her team for 10 years. Her knowledge base is vast and quick turn around time has been invaluable to me. Michelle is extremely professional and excellent at matching team members to specific clients. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and her results have given me the ability to focus on other aspects of my business.

— Denise Cimino Gasparello, General Contractor

Michelle is a tremendous resource! There have been numerous instances where she has provided valuable education on bookkeeping and accounting news or approaches, and there is a reason why her clients love her and stay with her. It’s very empowering having her in the list of tax professionals I know, and I would recommend anybody who needs help with their bookkeeping to speak with her!

— Adam Greene President at Green Lens Media, LLC

Michelle spent time with me going over my Quickbooks and helped me understand how to utilize it for my business. She was incredibly patient with me and generous with her time so that I felt confident in keeping track of my expenses.

— Delprete Consulting

Michelle and her team at ASP are top-notch professionals. They help with everything in the bookkeeping world. They take away the burden of transactional accounting, help with the nuance of business, and structurally improve business functionality and strategic financial operation. It is one of the best decisions our company has made to pursue a relationship with ASP.

— James Neal

When I was in college, I literally threw my accounting book out the fourth-floor window of my dorm (true story).

So one can only imagine my frustration at keeping my accounting records for my gift basket business. Meeting Michelle and having her set up QuickBooks for my business has prevented me from throwing myself out a window.

She is so easy to work with, so understanding and patient with any questions that I have as I have learned to navigate the QuickBooks platform (which I have to say has been MUCH easier than my college accounting class).  I have referred Michelle to other friends with businesses and every single one has come back to thank me for introducing and hiring Michelle and her team.  So if you don’t want the headache, the frustration, and the errors you will most definitely have trying to do this on your own, I highly recommend hiring Michelle and her team at APS.

— Nikki Davidson, Owner of Bravo Baskets

Michelle guided our choosing and implementation of our MRP system, Misys.  This is critical to our operation. She lead our team by effectively organizing, preparing us, helping us know in advance what we needed to have ready, and then lead us through the complex implementation. She was professional, respectful, timely, and thorough. She made sure all aspects of the new system worked for our company and did some training. I am very happy with the experience and recommend Michelle to you.

— Michael Olson. Operations Manager, Newcastle Systems

For more than a decade, Accounting Solutions Providers has been an extremely valuable partner to Heller Search Associates, as we have more than doubled in size. Under Michelle Teitelman’s leadership, the firm has provided both strategic direction and expert support in setting up and running our financial operations.  Sharon Burkett, a consultant at Accounting Solutions Providers, is a key member of my team, managing Heller Search’s finance function with commitment and thoughtfulness. I strongly recommend Sharon, Michelle, and Accounting Solutions Partners.

— Heller Search Associates

Business Data always tells a story. And Michelle is a serious, passionate problem-solver with an uncommon ability to dig deep and bring that important data to the surface to ensure better strategic business decisions.  She is immensely process-driven and systems-oriented and that skill played a big part in transforming a small start-up to a highly profitable process-driven organization.  Her willingness to understand our business challenges and providing effective solutions from her extensive knowledge and experience makes her a perfect match for a growing company looking to gain insight and opportunity from powerful data analysis.

Through another partner’s recommendation, we were extremely lucky to get introduced to Michelle and the ASP team. She was an extension of our management team for almost ten years providing high-level, big picture guidance for finance and operations.  This enabled the company’s founder and other team members to focus on growing the business through market development, education and awareness, channel engagement and product development.

— Christine Wheeler, Newcastle Systems

Exceptional talent with crystal reporting – just give her a challenge, and she’s a dog with a bone!  Tasks that took several steps and tons of time were alleviated with one powerful report!

— Christine Wheeler, Newcastle Systems

Our experience with Accounting Solutions Providers has been excellent.  They helped us get our boutique law firm’s bookkeeping systems in place, working efficiently and professionally to establish compliance procedures. We’re confident that the routines in place will serve us well for years to come.  We highly recommend Accounting Solutions Providers!

— Marion K., Natick law firm

ASP makes an impact on our business, as it has for the last decade. They not only keep the accounting trains running, but also recommend improvements to our accounting systems and protocols. They are always there for our special needs, even with little or virtually no notice. The team is committed to helping our company, me, and goes out of their way to use my time wisely and efficiently. Everyone at our company considers ASP an extension of our team. In short, they are a valued and reliable resource.

— Michael Rynowecer